The company founder Jens Murlowski began his career in secutity in 1989, in Cologne. He trained with a variety of security authorities and businesses.
With the cooperation of the Israeli ISS, he completed his "Diplom" studies and was trained as a V.I.P. Protection Officer - Likely the most difficult security training in the world.

Since 1994 he has owned and operated an independent security business. Mobility Germany has worked for well known German television companies (such as RTL, VOX, VIVA) and handled the security for various public events (film, music and so on...).

At the end of of 1998 moved the the head office of Mobility Germany from Cologne to Leipzig.

The strategic move to Leipzig was considered optimal given the regions infrastructure and promising economic opportunities.

The base of our successful enterprise is the unwavering dedication of our 8 full-time and 180 freelance staff members.